The final chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin will be released soon. It’s not easy to withstand the euphoria of fans and still avoid getting caught by the unwanted spoilers circulating there on the internet.

Your only option if you want to enjoy a good reading is to disconnect from everything that connects you to AoT chapter 139 today.

However, do not leave before checking out the platform on which you should read the last chapter, of course.

Where to read Shingeki no Kyojin 139 (the last chapter)

The easiest way to read will be through Crunchyroll Comics, the streaming service that is, in a case, the “Netflix” of anime and manga. In addition to reading the new chapter that will come out, you can check out all previous chapters of Attack on Titan on the platform.

Hajime Isayama published the first chapter of Attack on Titan to Kodansha in 2009. In 2013, WIT adapted the original story and gave rise to the first three seasons. Subsequently, MAPPA took action and took on the role of animating the fourth and final season of the anime.

About Attack on Titan

The action in the AOT manga closely resembles the medieval era, although it is not necessarily focused on this. To protect humanity from the terrible Titans — the unconscious humanoids who devour human beings — three great walls were built: Mary, Rose, and Sina.

For years, these walls saved humans from the attacks of these merciless monsters, but one day a Titan emerged so great that it destroyed the Mary wall, making room for the smaller titans to pass through. This destruction occurred at the beginning of the anime, in the city of Shiganshina, leading to the death of countless innocent people and the mother of the protagonist together.

Eren, dissatisfied with his mother’s death, decides to enlist in the Reconnaissance Division. At his side were Mikasa and Armin, his best friends. Together, they faced several titans in order to bring peace to the chaotic world in which they lived, but everything changed when Eren became their worst nightmare: a titan.

From this event, we get to know that an enemy even worse than the titans is the human race.


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