In the Roblox Tapping Kingdom game, you can redeem codes to earn pets for free! These are cosmetic companions that give your character a much cooler look! So we at PureGiga decided to make this list with all the Roblox Tapping Kingdom Codes that are still available!

Before we start listing the codes, let’s talk a little bit about how to use them. After all, knowing how to do this is a little bit important.

To redeem these codes, launch the game and click the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen. Then copy and paste the codes from this post to the text field and click Confirm to rescue them!

Roblox Tapping Kingdom Codes (January 2021)

  • 01001100 – Pet Hacker Dragon
  • Rafinha – Pet
  • FernandaGames – FernandaGames Pet
  • JeffBlox – JeffBlox Pet
  • yTowakGB – Pet yTowakGB
  • RussoPlays – Pet RussoPlays
  • DuduBetero – DuduBetero Pet
  • Roblerom – Roblerom Pet
  • Tofuu – Pet Tofuu
  • GravyCatman – Pet

Remember that these are only codes that are still active and can be redeemed. Roblox codes change over time. So, here we leave you the updated list with Roblox Tapping Kingdom codes!

Comment down this post and if all these Tapping Kingdom codes (or at least some of them) from Roblox were not working, as we’d love to know! Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends who also play Roblox!

Developed by Roblox Corporation, Roblox is a cross-platform, open-world MMORPG that simulates the multiverse. In the game, players can create their own virtual worlds the only limit is imagination.

Roblox is available for Xbox One, Android, iOS, Mac and PC.


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