Some time ago it was rumored that Samsung was working on Exynos ARM 1000. It is somewhat expected to do so using the company’s advanced 5 billion architecture. Although Exynos processors were originally developed for the upcoming Galaxy S21 smartphone series, according to a source, there is a chance that these chips will be used in future computers running Windows.

With this move, Samsung could hit the competition hard by developing these ARM processors; thus eliminating large competitors such as Qualcomm. In a tweet from MauriQHD (source), it is mentioned the possibility that ARM chips based on Exynos 1000 will reach Samsung’s own range of notebooks.

It all started most likely thanks to Apple announcing the ARM processors it is currently working on; efficient and powerful enough ARM processors to equip future MacBooks. At the moment, the respective processors have not yet received a name. The development of this Exynos 1000 could even push Qualcomm to quickly make a successor to the Snapdragon 8xx, which is already about two years old and is still used in modern devices.

Unfortunately, according to the most recent news, Samsung is facing great difficulties in the favorable development of its 5nm chips. This way Exynos 1000 could be delayed at this time. In addition, the next PC-powered version of this chip could be delayed until next year. According to a series of tests, an unnamed Exynos chip managed to outperform the Snapdragon 865 substantially, showing that no matter how Samsung works, the competition should be ready in the future.


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