The long-awaited meeting between Hunter Jin-woo and the angel statue has finally come. Only the next Solo Leveling Chapter 128 English raw scans and spoilers will reveal what will happen next.

Solo Leveling finally launches a good chapter after we saw Jin-Woo’s progress in learning about his new powers. Now we are going to find out what this world of monarchs is and what will be the fate of the Earth.

Time stopped at 2 minutes and 11 seconds, at which point the angel statue surrendered. Now Jin-Woo is resting and they are both ready to talk. Our hunter has many questions in mind, such as who the monarchs are, why they invaded planet earth, and why he is the only one who received the powers to be able to see the system from behind.

The statue in front of him is the architect of the system and has all the answers to Jin-Woo’s questions. While he is inside the gate, Woo Jin-Cheol and other associations are worried about what is happening and are afraid to get inside.

Meanwhile, Japan is in serious trouble, facing a crisis that only Jin-Woo is able to solve. Yuri (an S-rank hunter from Japan) arrived on the scene but does not know how effective it will be in closing this gate that reaches unprecedented dimensions.

Jin-Woo must hurry to help him fight this gate, but unfortunately, he is stuck in the dual dungeon. Thus, Japan is dealing with an uncontrollable situation that no one can solve.

Today we will discuss about Solo Leveling 128 raw scans, spoilers, date of launch and where you can read the new chapter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 128 Raw Scans

Solo Leveling is one of the most read and popular manhwa in the world. All the fans see how every day it grows more and more in popularity and how each person is looking forward to the appearance of a new chapter.

Since Solo Leveling is a Korean manhwa, chapters appear first in Korea. Therefore, they must be translated into different languages of the readers so that they can read them.

As of it, for the first time, the first releases of the chapters are in English and French. So when do raw versions appear publicly?

It is good to know that Solo Leveling 128 raw scans will be released on November 18, 2020, on the same day as Noblesse. The English chapters will appear as soon as the raw scans are leaked and the translation process will begin. If you’re curious, all Solo Leveling raw scans are officially available on the Kakaopage website.

Solo Leveling Chapter 128 Spoilers

Now that the battle between the monarch and Jin-Woo is over, what will happen? Will he be able to get the answer to all the questions he has or will he encounter obstacles in this path?

So, let’s get straight to the point and see what Solo Leveling Chapter 128 Spoilers are:

  • Jin-Woo finds out who is behind that statue and pauses for a second to think deeply about his situation.
  • Instead of asking Who are you, he asks Who Am I?
  • Woo Jin-Cheol is at the gates and apparently plans to gather guilds to intervene.
  • Choi Jong-In and Hunter Cha Hae-in can be able to help close the gate.
  • The angel statue is silent for a few moments and then says, “Finally, you have asked a proper question.”
  • There is no fear on the statue’s face, so his real body may be elsewhere.
  • Jin-Woo’s entire life flashed in front of his eyes for a few seconds, seeing how weak he was at first and how strong he became.
  • The statue decides instead of talking to show him everything directly.
  • The system displays to Jin-Woo the question “Will you consent to the playback? Y / N?”
  • Jin-Woo seems a little disoriented at first but then realizes that the system actually showed him old information.
  • For winning the battle with the statue, Jing-Woo also won the right to this information.
  • In the end, Jing-Woo says “Yes” slowly and in the dark, which shows him a box confirming that the information has been uploaded.

However, what is this information about? What will Jin-Woo see? We all wonder about that and we even suggest you come back to PureGiga to find out what will happen later.

Solo Leveling 128 Release Date

As we have already discussed, the English chapter will be launched once the raw scans are published on the Kakaopage website, which will determine the start of the translation process.

Once they are available to the general public, it only takes about 3-4 days for an English version to be available. Solo Leveling Chapter 128 will be released on the same day as the raw scans, namely November 18, 2020.


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