Finally, System Architect admitted defeat after the fight he had with Sung Jin-Woo and confesses that the final test is over. Considering this, King reveals that the real answer is inside of the hunter. Hearing this, Jin-Woo seems surprised, but in the end, he understands that it is about some information that has been stored in his body since the beginning of the reawakening. Thus, he is asked if he agrees to unlock it and as a result of his curiosity, he accepts without a doubt. Accordingly, Solo Leveling chapter 129 raw scans in English is to be released and in this article, we will discuss more details about what it will bring and how it will continue the story.

    So, let’s see what will happen next based not only on what we already know but on spoilers too. Also, in the case, if you didn’t read the Solo Leveling Chapter 128 related info, you can check it.

    Solo Leveling 129 Release Date

    A lot of people are waiting for the English version of Solo Leveling Chapter 129 to be released. The first place where it can be read is Kakaopage’s official website. Considering this, only when the translations are done, they will be available publicly with a little delay of a few hours.

    If there is no huge delay, Solo Leveling Chapter 129 will come out as usual on Wednesday, or more precisely December 2, 2020, for everyone to read in English.

    Solo Leveling 129 Raw Scans

    As we all know, Solo Leveling is a Korean manhwa, so the language in which they will be published as raw scans will be Korean.

    Last week there was a break due to some health problems that the author had, but this is not to worry, because this week everything returns to normal.

    So, if you have been wondering when Solo Leveling Chapter 129 will be available, well the date is December 2, 2020, but depending on the time zone you are in, it may differ.

    Read Solo Leveling 129 Spoilers

    Finally, the Hunters Guild enters the Double Dungeon to assist Sung Jin-Woo in closing the gate. However, once inside, they came across the monstrous statue that surprisingly understands and speaks human language.

    From this point of view, we have two strange situations. The first is the meeting with the System Architect and the second is the fact that Sung Jin-Woo stands still, silent, and without any reaction.

    But that’s not all, what’s even weirder is that Sun Jin-Woo was named by the System Architect as “King” and the hunters could not interfere with him because the loading process of the information memories could be interrupted.

    Everything seems extremely fascinating, and from this point of view, readers are more and more excited about Solo Leveling Chapter 129 to find out what will happen next.

    As for spoilers, we can only believe that:

    • System Architect attacked several Hunters Guild members event tho death.
    • They realize that he is much stronger than the ants from Jeju Island.
    • The rest of the Hunters Guild can’t help in any way but to make the System Architect.
    • Meanwhile, the door that allows entry and exit from the double dungeon seems to close unexpectedly.
    • The angel statue laughs because it is certain that no one can escape from that room in life.
    • Now that they have no way to escape, the hunters must fight with all their powers.
    • The situation is full of surprises, as everyone is trying to buy time for Sung Jin-Woo to regain his consciousness.
    • Meanwhile, it seems that the System Architect is not the only enemy. The other statue, which was originally destroyed, now appears to have revived and is moving.

    What is certain is that a lot of people are looking forward to finding out what will happen in the new chapter that must appear, namely Solo Leveling 129. Will the hunters manage to escape alive from the double dungeon or not? Honestly, the situation can take some turns so we can’t know exactly. So what will happen next?

    If you have any idea how the situation could go, you can write it in the comments section at the bottom of this page. ?


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