Even though Solo Leveling Chapter 130 has just appeared, fans are delighted with what happened in the story and are eager to find out about Solo Leveling Chapter 131 raw scans, release date, and spoilers.

After the postponing of Solo Leveling Chapter 128 due to the author’s ill health, our favorite series returned to normal. Because of this, many people wonder if there will be such delays. Well, such an event cannot be prevented and can happen at any time. However, Solo Leveling Chapter 131 will be released according to its normal schedule.

Solo Leveling 130 Recap

So, when will Solo Leveling 131 be launched and what are the spoilers circulating on social media networks? Before we get into detail, let’s see what happened in the last chapter and what could happen in chapter 131.

Battle against the Architect

The chapter begins with a fight against the Architect. While he was excited about his skills against the guild, he noticed that the hunter Cha is very strong. Thus, he tries to hurt her and even succeeds, creating a severe cut on her shoulder.

Given this, he realizes that she is protected by a much greater force, namely a shadow of Sung, which is why all the team managed to enter the dungeon. The system recognized the shadow and allowed Sung’s friends to enter “uninvited.” We still don’t know the real reason why Cha is protected, but Sung may feel something for her, which is very difficult to understand.

In fact, we can see that the shadow fails to communicate with Sung because otherwise, he would have been woken by his friends.

The beginning of a dream

When the Architect saw the shadow, he decided not to kill Cha, considering that it was simply the wish of his King. Instead, he decided to kill the rest of the people. Even if so far we have not seen the Architect’s plans in their entirety, they are revealed to us and surprise us by the fact that they are much larger and more complex than we would have thought.

The first time, we thought he wanted to turn a man into a super soldier. But it seems that that person, namely Sung, has become so strong that it has exceeded our expectations. Therefore, the Architect not only wanted to offer the memories of the monarch but also to bring him back from the shadows replacing Sung as we know him.

Well, this was explained in the last chapter, and what follows remains to be discussed below in the spoiler section.

Everything went wrong

Solo Leveling Chapter 131 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

The architect is hit with an unexpected force by Sung who woke up. The next moment, we see him remembering that something strange had happened to his body. In the following pages, we find that the mysterious Black heart is the one that gives him all the power of the monarch and this is also the one that should have put control over Sung’s body. But it seems that he managed to master it and remain conscious, proving that is not so weak as to be overwhelmed by the monarch’s power.

So, we see that Sung won a new title next to his new heart, namely “Demon Exterminator”, and that’s not all. In addition, he obtained a boost of 100,000 mana, an increase of 10 times higher than the one he already had (9,433). This change puts in his hands such great power that no one has ever seen. Given this, Sung can summon a much larger amount of shadows and even ancient shadows like Beru that could now be even stronger than it ever was.

The Architect was refused by the system

Surprisingly, the Architect wanted to remove Sung’s power but it seems that the system refused him. Sung says he thought such a situation could happen in the future, so he searched a way to prevent it. He finally found a breach and now that the time has come, he used it to get Architect out of the system. His last words were that an inevitable death would knock on his door because the prophecy did not take place. Thus, the chapter ended with Sung answering back with “we’ll see”.

Solo Leveling Chapter 131 Release Date

Chapter 131 of Solo Leveling is expected to launch on Wednesday, December 16th, 2020.

At the time of this writing, chapter 131 of Solo Leveling Raw Scans are due to be released at midnight (Korea standard time). If it stays the same, then fans might expect English scans to be available in the next few hours.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9:00 AM on Wednesday, December 16
  • Central Daylight Time: 11:00 am on Wednesday, December 16
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon on Wednesday, December 16
  • British Summer Time: 5:00 pm on Wednesday, December 16

So, English translations of Solo Leveling chapter 131 can be launched anytime between one hour before and one hour after the times described.

Also, it’s good to know that the Solo Leveling chapter 131 is being released for the first time in South Korean language (that is not known by too many people), so fans will translate after that into English to be enjoined over the world.

Solo Leveling Chapter 131 Spoilers

As we have already discussed, the previous chapter ended with a discussion between the Architect and the hunter Sung Jin-Woo. He warned that when the pillars of Re that hold the sky are built, death will come after him. This means that Sung will have to face the other monrachs who have the same level power as him.

Therefore, considering all that happened before, we expect that in Solo Leveling 131:

  • Hunter Sung Jin-Woo to destroy all the other stone statues;
  • Hunter Cha to be healed by Sung (because she was heavily injured in the fight with Architect);
  • The team will ask Sung to locate the other members who sacrificed themselves so that they can bury them after the gate will be closed;
  • After this part of the story is over, we think that the focus will be on Yuri Orlov. What will happen to him?
  • What happened to Japan? The answer may be awful, but it has been destroyed!

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