Spotify now allows its premium users to listen to music and podcasts with friends and family at the same time. With this beta feature, premium users can generate sessions for up to five people who can listen to music simultaneously. Most importantly, all participants will need a Spotify premium subscription to access the feature.

Session participants can pause, play, skip, or select tracks from the queue and add their own options. There is no communication function implemented in the application, meaning that listeners will have to rely on third-party communication applications.

To host a session, premium users can select in the Connect menu in the lower-left corner of the screen, navigating to the bottom of the menu to “Start a group session”. Once the button is pressed, users will receive a shareable link that they can send via social media or messaging.

This feature is still in beta, Spotify said, along with their interest in its development over time. Spotify Group listening sessions were first launched in May. With these extra features, the company hopes that the number of subscribers will increase. The development of new features is implemented in an attempt to encourage people to subscribe.

The function is very interesting at first sight, you can share your favorite music with friends and vice versa from distance. You can listen to the same kind of music with your team at work or with college colleagues in your free time.


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