Spotify works on several new features; from karaoke to group sessions and much more. According to a series of tweets published by engineer Jane Wong, it seems that the developers are working to implement many new characteristics that will make music fans happy; but what’s the most awaited one among all? Offline playback for non-subscribed users! ?

Spotify: a big update is coming

The Spotify service is one of the most used in the entire niche of music streaming platforms; it has become one of the most popular apps ever especially in the last period, due to the current pandemic scenario.

However, the company is always trying to add new features and bring improvements to the app; this is done to make usability even more sparkling and exciting, thanks to new modes that will delight both lovers of solo music listening during a training session in the gym, and those who want to “strum” and scream the words of the songs favorite in the company of friends on a warm-cold September evening.

Thanks to a series of information leaked by Jane Wong, we discover all the news that the company has designed for its users. Let’s start right away with the completely redesigned car mode user interface, the new animations, and the “karaoke” mode.

Keep in mind that the system has also added texts in real-time for as many as 26 countries; thanks to this new implementation, you can see the lyrics of the songs in the original language at the same time as the words are spoken. So… Karaoke time! ??

Just press the virtual “Lyrics” button at the bottom of the “Now playing” screen. With the actual karaoke mode, however, you will be able to sing the songs by interacting with the track.

With the aforementioned new feature, the voices of the singers will be lowered in volume, to make room for the notes and music in the background that will blend with the voice of the users. With “Group Sessions” instead, you can connect to multiple audio devices on the same WiFi network. Useful for sharing audio devices with family, friends, and roommates.

About the renewed car mode user interface; the navigation bar and buttons have been completely redesigned. With the Google assistant activated, a banner will appear at the top which will be used to interact with the device without physically “touching” the smartphone.

We conclude with the last leak, namely free offline listening for non-subscribed users; you can download the entire library and play it offline without paying anything (no subscription required) for only 30 minutes a day.

These features are currently still in beta; we don’t know when they will arrive on the Play Store; So, we will keep you updated. ?


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