Square Enix’s new Vita/PS4 RPG, Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna. This week’s Famitsu feature. Two new characters!

    • Kuon: A traveler who visited the city before Setsuna was chosen as a sacrifice. She is trusted by the locals and is like Setsuna’s older sister.
    • Yomi: A swordsman who succeeded it’s mission before Setsuna was chosen. He is a benefactor as he offers advice from his experience to the MC. He likes to be caring with those around him and accompanies Setsuna on his journey.

    The combat system in this game is an ingenious one, based on Chrono Trigger’s, and is currently called ATB Version 2. The battles are dynamic because they start when we approach the character of enemies field. What’s interesting is that when the red bar at the bottom loads, you can take your turn.

    The Setsuna System: When the Setsuna Gauge at the bottom fills up in battle, the Setsuna System can be activated by pressing a button in time with the activation of a skill. When you do everything right, the attacks in the game will be much stronger and faster, whose damage is substantially greater. In fact, there are certain advantages, namely you could regain HP with every attack.


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