Tesla is working on two new electric cars. Not bad, considering that at the moment there are three vehicles, some officially presented, others only sketched, which have yet to officially go into production: the Tesla Semi, the Cybertruck (will be produced in Texas), and, of course, the new Tesla Roadster.

    Elon Musk also gave us some new details on the new generation iteration of the two sports cars. The new Tesla Roadster will go into production within 12, maximum 18, months from today.

    So what’s the point with the two cars? One will be compact, which would also be the expensive one in Tesla’s current price list (shaped on the tastes of Americans, who are notoriously not fond of smaller cars). We know that in reality, Tesla aims to produce a compact car in China (it will still be destined for the international market).

    The other vehicle should not be a car for the general public, but a large van optimized for The Boring Company. As we mentioned above it is likely to wait several months until Tesla decides to make public some new information about these two cars.


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