Watching The God of High School can be quite exhausting, even when it is serving some of its most spectacular action cuts. As irritating as it is for everyone on all sides of the public spectrum.

    The little plot that can be deciphered from “curse/corner” or The God of High School episode 9 is that, while Mira has to fight with the muscular and almost naked Lee Marin, Mori is looking for his missing grandfather and Daewi… well, he discovers finds stuck in a bathroom struggling to fight with a random girl from the South Gyeongsang team. But you remember, who is Jegal? Jegal is the guy who almost killed that other guy with Jaws Charyeok. You know what? Daewi’s subplot literally doesn’t matter, and I mean more than the rest of the plot no longer matters, because the mess in Daewi’s bathroom isn’t going anywhere. Not at all. He fights a girl in the bathroom for a few minutes, the fight stops and that’s it.

    So, really, the plot is really limited to Mira’s fight with Marin, and Mori’s fight with an evil Nox agent whose name I didn’t understand even after rereading the episode a few times, so I’m going to call him Doppelganger. That’s his name or the name of his power, which is to multiply a lot and also do other people’s imitations, so, anyway, I won’t have to keep calling him “bad guy Nox”. This is especially useful, because we later discover that Marin is also an evil Nox guy, except that he may be another of the Doppelganger look-alikes, or just another different evil Nox guy, since the real Marin (and the rest of Jeju’s team) was murdered. Mori discovers this when he goes to rescue his grandfather, who is not really his grandfather, but another doppelganger made by Doppelganger. Grandfather’s doppelganger explodes.

    The God of High School episode 9 – Are you with me so far?

    If not, what a shame, because Mira has her own long episode fighting scene for the first time, where we find out that Non-Marin put his hands on the sword that Mira lost when she had that terrible marriage (remember that? Good times). Marin reveals that his sword is really a capital “National Treasure” with a capital N, which is apparently a magical MacGuffin that is totally different from the Key/Charyeok things that Nox and Mujin are fighting for, except maybe not? Non-Marin transforms the sword into its real, not wooden, form called Fengxian, which, according to him, means that the sword has now recognized him as his master, except that Mira is visited by a comic vision of herself that opens its Charyeok power reservoir hiding, which manifests itself as the spirit of the famous Chinese general Lu Bu.

    Do you see what I mean when I say this show is exhausting? Even trying to break the plot of an episode involves completely abandoning the narrative’s fundamentals like “cohesion”, “structure” and “basic logic”, regardless of the abundance of concepts, powers and characters that are thrown at us for absolutely no reason. This is usually the part where I go into detail about good animation and choreography and stuff, but I honestly can’t figure out why someone would be partially invested in whether the fights look good or not when the story has become such an absolute swamp of meaningless noise. Mira’s discovery of her Lu Bu powers just happens for no reason, Mori’s sudden ability to do chi unlocking techniques correctly happens for no reason, anything.

    The God of High School episode 9 – Finally…

    I’m sorry, but we’re past the point of “turning off your brain and enjoying the action” with The God of High School, because there’s absolutely no reason to do that when a fight scene is just a lack of meaning and context like the next . There is no difference between watching than jumping into any past or future defeat of any other epoch of GoH. Hell, you could just type “best anime fights” into the YouTube search bar and put together a playlist of any random clips you find, and you would end up with an experience similar to the one God of High School offers. At this point, I might prefer to just spend time with the YouTube playlist.

    The God of High School is currently broadcasting on Crunchyroll.


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