The closer we get to autumn, the more details we get about the next games that are coming up. In this way, today we will talk a little about what’s new in FIFA 21. What does this year’s edition bring and perhaps more importantly, how has the pandemic affected the game? As the championships have been delayed or even canceled, I think it will be an interesting year for FIFA; a year in which the game must return to a good trajectory and repair the mistakes that have haunted it for years.

    The first big change of FIFA 21 is fixed. The cover of the game has been rethought, and Kylian Mbappe appears in front. The young French player is the choice for the cover of all the annual editions of the game. Apparently, the emphasis is on young people. As we saw in the teaser of the past few days, names like Joao Felix and Trent Alexander-Arnold join the PSG striker in the promotional materials.

    How does FIFA 21 respond to the pandemic?

    FIFA 21 faces more challenges than previous titles. Why do I say that? In addition to the annual complaints of the fans (well-founded by the way), the team dealt with a big change in the sport that inspires the game. With the coronavirus epidemic, football was stopped; championships around the world have been postponed or even canceled. Also, to remain as authentic as possible, fans should be eliminated, or certain rules such as the number of changes should be modified. Probably no one will touch on these aspects, but I am curious about what will happen to the current transfers.

    But it seems that EA understood that gaming is important during this period, so we see a strong focus on the idea of ​​playing together. FIFA 21 is presented from a more personal perspective, in which we see the players at home, not on the field. This is how we know people, not just footballers.

    Gameplay and career mode have changed… finally!

    IFIFA 21 will have a very difficult mission to repair the failure that was when it comes to the career. Not only was it released in this almost unplayable way, but as the problems were fixed, the shortcomings began to show. EA promises that this year will be different. Until then, FIFA 2005 and 2007 also have the strongest career mechanics.


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