With the new WhatsApp update, it is possible to listen to the voice messages directly from the preview of the message, without opening it and consequently without giving notification (the two blue ticks) of listening to the sender. Voice messages are increasingly used by users of the messaging app because they can send and listen to messages without having to keep their eyes on the device screen. According to the latest data, the sending of text messages is decreasing and will still be, because the audios are undoubtedly more comfortable and practical, especially in difficult conditions (when driving or similar conditions).

How to listen to voice messages without opening them

However, voice messages also have the same contraindications as messages: for example, we may wish to postpone listening or start playback without notifying the sender, or the traditional blue ticks. With the new WhatsApp update, however, this aspect can be overcome thanks to the possibility of pressing Play directly from the notification that is received in the smartphone, without necessarily having to open the application. Furthermore, once the message has been listened to, the person who sent it to us will not see the two blue ticks and therefore will not understand if we have still listened to the voice message or not.

It is a choice that offers an additional level of privacy for WhatsApp users. In addition, in fact, being able to listen to voice messages directly from the main screen of your device, the sender is not informed, especially if it is someone with whom you do not want to have obligations. The new functionality is already available for users who have an iPhone with the latest version of iOS and for those who have a new generation Android smartphone. In the coming weeks, a rollout is expected to come on all other devices. At the same time, the Facebook-owned app announced the arrival of QR codes for business users.


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