Fortnite players looking to add some Star Wars flair to their gameplay need look no further than the lightsaber. These iconic weapons of the galaxy far, far away were introduced to the game during the Rise of Skywalker event in December 2019, and offered players the chance to wield the power of the force themselves. But where can you find these lightsabers, and how do you get your hands on them? Where is a lightsaber in Fortnite?

    The Imperial Star Wars Chest

    The most reliable way to get a lightsaber in Fortnite is to search for an Imperial Star Wars chest. These special chests are scattered throughout the map, and have a chance of spawning a lightsaber when opened. To increase your chances of finding a lightsaber this way, you can try to focus on areas of the map with a higher concentration of these chests, such as near the large Star Wars structures or in the vicinity of other landmarks inspired by the franchise.

    Defeating Darth Vader

    Another way to get your hands on a lightsaber is to take on the ultimate Star Wars villain himself: Darth Vader. This formidable opponent can be found in the southeast area of the map, near the location formerly known as Greasy Grove. If you’re able to defeat Vader in combat, you’ll be rewarded with his own lightsaber as a prize.

    Floor Loot and Regular Chests

    While it’s less likely, it is still possible to find a lightsaber as floor loot or in a regular chest. However, due to the increased loot pool in Fortnite, your chances of finding one this way are lower compared to searching for an Imperial Star Wars chest or defeating Darth Vader. Nonetheless, it never hurts to keep an eye out for any glowing swords that may have spawned in your immediate area.

    Luke’s Lightsabers

    In addition to Darth Vader’s lightsaber, there are also two versions of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber available in the game: a blue version and a green version. These can be found in the same ways as the other lightsabers, though they may be slightly less common due to the fact that there are three different types to collect.

    Wrapping Up

    So, if you’re looking to add a lightsaber to your arsenal in Fortnite, be sure to keep an eye out for Imperial Star Wars chests and try your hand at defeating Darth Vader. You may also get lucky and find one as floor loot or in a regular chest, though your chances are a bit lower. Regardless of how you get it, wielding a lightsaber is sure to add some extra excitement to your Fortnite gameplay. Just hang in there and keep searching, and you’ll be a Jedi Knight in no time.


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