Since the last update of Windows 10, a new icon to start a Skype meeting is integrated in the taskbar. Here’s how to remove it.

Some will have noticed: in the past few days, a new icon has appeared in the Windows 10 taskbar. By clicking on it, we see that the Microsoft operating system offers us to “Meet now” or “Join a meeting” with Skype. Here’s how to remove it once and for all.

Disable the Meet Now icon (“Start a meeting”) in Windows 10

The button is small and won’t bother some people, but it will annoy others. Why? Because this new Meet Now icon is positioned right next to the other icons on the Windows 10 taskbar, right next to the Wi-Fi and sound icon. Unless you regularly use this option on Skype, it won’t be of use to you. If you’re not planning on doing anything with it or if it bothers you visually, here’s how to get rid of it.

  • Select the Start menu, then go to Windows 10 Settings.
  • Once on the menu, select the Personalisation tab.
  • In the Taskbar submenu, scroll down and select the Turn System Icons On or Off submenu located just below the Notification Area heading.
  • A window will then appear, where you will see several shortcuts, including LocationAction CenterTouch keyboard, etc. You are in the right place.
  • To the right of Start Meeting, deselect the switch that should normally be in the on position. Voila: the Meet Now icon should no longer appear.
  • Remember that this modification is completely reversible if you wish to make it come back.

Microsoft is not at its first attempt at adding features that are often unnecessary and difficult to remove. For several weeks, the uninstallation of the new Microsoft Edge browser has not been possible . Let’s take this opportunity to remind you that Windows 10 is about to receive major changes next year, in 2021. We will mention in particular the arrival of Project Latte, and probably the exit of Sun Valley.


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