Microsoft some time ago revealed its intention to launch a specialized version of the Windows 10 operating system, called Windows 10X. It is designed for two-screen devices, coming with a lot of improvements designed specifically for this environment. It’s just that it won’t arrive this year and it won’t come with support for Win32 applications.

According to the rumors, Windows 10X is delayed because of the pandemic situation and by other problems related to the way traditional applications work. As a result, in the first part of next year, when the operating system will be launched, it will only come in a form similar to Windows 10S, being limited to UWP and web applications. So you will not be able to use executables on your PC from the start on devices with ARM processors that will use this operating system.

The initial implementation will come in the form of a single-screen device, and only in 2022 will we have the experience with two screens that Microsoft has been deceiving us since many years ago.


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