The Xbox Series X will hit the market later this year and will be compatible with all Xbox One games; close. Exceptions are those based on the Kinect sensor. In a post on the official blog, which describes his vision for the X series, Phil Spencer confirmed that the future console will support four generations of games as long as it does not require a Kinect device.

    It’s our intent for all Xbox One games that do not require Kinect to play on Xbox Series X at the launch of the console.

    Phil Spencer, CEO Xbox

    The X-Series incompatibility with Kinect games is not due to any technical hurdles, as Microsoft has a commitment to the accessory. His comments reinforce Microsoft’s intentions to completely give up the once-popular accessory in this next-generation console. Xbox Series X does not have a Kinect port, and Microsoft will not support the Kinect USB adapter, which was discontinued in 2018, shortly after support stopped. Despite the abandonment of Kinect and all its games, Xbox is committed to bringing most of its catalog to the next genre.

    Our backward compatibility engineers have spent years devising innovative ways for modern, next-gen technology to make the games library you’re building today even better, at no additional cost and with no work from developers.

    Other news about the Xbox Series X mentioned include support for the Xbox Elite Controller and Xbox Adaptive Controller. There is also Smart Delivery for consumers, an initiative that allows players to move from an Xbox One version of a game to the next.


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